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So, where do you start in a new hobby like woodworking?  What do you need to be able to start building wonderful pieces of furniture or decorative cabinets?  Well, I too came across this same question and searched around for some answers.  I came across a video series on a woodworking website that I have linked under Resources.  The series is called “Getting Started In Woodworking“.  It starts out with showing you how to set up a simple shop, and some of the tools you may need and then walks you through a few simple projects.  It even has a good design for a workbench, which is a great place to start so that you can have something to build on.  I completed this workbench as my first project and have some pictures in the Projects tab of my results.  All in all, it is a great little introductory series into woodworking and I’d recommend checking it out.  I’d also recommend browsing a few different woodworking websites and checking out some joinery techniques as joining your wood, along with cutting your material accurately, is the basis of woodworking.  So, check out the videos and Get Started!


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