Updates Needed!

Well, after a bit of absence I’m finding my way back here to try and keep up and get things going again.  As easily guessed by my posted projects, I am a new father and between work and time spent with family and the occasional moment in the shop, I haven’t set aside the time to continue my work here.  Well, I have learned a lot and even made a few things, so in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing some of those things.  I’ll also be updating the links and such and adding some new pics to this blog so feel free to take another look around soon to check out all the new stuff.


Coming Soon!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made time to update this but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.  So I have now finished building the crib to follow up the bassinet.  After I finish installing the drawers I’ll post pics, but for now I’ll post a pic of the design my wife and I came up with.  The final project turned out pretty close with a few minor detail changes.


Bassinet Completed!

Well, after making little progress through the holidays due to extensive traveling, I’ve finally managed to complete the bassinet for our first child which is set to arrive any day now.  My wife couldn’t be happier that we’ll now have some place for our little one to sleep.  Well, here’s one of the pics.  Check out the link for more pics including construction and assembly photos.

Bassinet Pics

Bassinet Design

Well, I finally got my design for my bassinet about done and thought I’d post a pic of the the design as I get ready to start construction.  Hopefully I can get it built soon as it’s starting to get colder out and I need to get it stained and would preferably have some sunny days to do that.  Anyway, feel free to make any comments and give me some feedback.  And I’ll be sure to post pics of the construction process and the final product as soon as I have it completed.

Bassinet Render Final

So it seems these days that there are just never enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished that one would like to.  I started this blog to follow and document my progress, but it seems to be stalled for the moment.  Part of this is due to the fact that there really just isn’t enough time in the day, but also in part because my progress hasn’t shown anything major.  I’ve spent a few hours in my shop (garage) on the weekends but come out with nothing really built to show for it.  Am I lazy?  I’d like to think not all the time.  The truth is that most of the work I’ve done just hasn’t been on a final project or really brought about any tangible evidence of me working.  So what have I been doing?  I cleaned and reorganized my shop, hoping it will help speed my progress when I do get time to work on my first real project.  Also, I’ve been gathering knowledge and insight along the way through various mediums.  I’ve read a great book  for beginning woodworkers, read some articles online, watched some tv shows (like The New Yankee Workshop, which sadly is coming to an end as the  host Norm is retiring), watched numerous online videos on techniques, tips, construction and jig making, searched for plans and ideas for construction methods, and began testing out my own skills on making different types of joints before using them on my projects.  Now, I do have some scrap wood lying around with holes drilled in them or dadoes or mortises cut in them as I practice, but posting pictures of those on my site just didn’t seem exciting or noteworthy.  Now I have purchased the materials for my first major project, and will be starting construction soon.  I will probably post my designs on here for everyone to see and maybe get some feedback, and then start building and updating with pics of that process along the way.  Well, that’s it for today.  Off to the shop!

So, where do you start in a new hobby like woodworking?  What do you need to be able to start building wonderful pieces of furniture or decorative cabinets?  Well, I too came across this same question and searched around for some answers.  I came across a video series on a woodworking website that I have linked under Resources.  The series is called “Getting Started In Woodworking“.  It starts out with showing you how to set up a simple shop, and some of the tools you may need and then walks you through a few simple projects.  It even has a good design for a workbench, which is a great place to start so that you can have something to build on.  I completed this workbench as my first project and have some pictures in the Projects tab of my results.  All in all, it is a great little introductory series into woodworking and I’d recommend checking it out.  I’d also recommend browsing a few different woodworking websites and checking out some joinery techniques as joining your wood, along with cutting your material accurately, is the basis of woodworking.  So, check out the videos and Get Started!

Today I started this new blog to showcase my work and document my path along the way on this new hobby I’m picking up.  I have a few projects already lined up so we’ll see how they turn out.  Also, I have my first completed project, a workbench, so swing over to the Projects page and check out the pics.